Equipped with one or more high-power RF burst pulser(s), a broadband receiver, and the phase detector / integrator module, the RAM-5000 series made by RITEC is an excellent system for advanced computer-controlled ultrasonic characterizations. It is ideally suited as driver / receiver for EMAT transducers, for precision measurements of the sound velocity and attenuation of materials with high internal damping, for the study of nonlinear acoustic phenomena, or as source of multi-channel high power RF burst pulses.


The instrumentation for this sophisticated, complete ultrasonic system has been divided into functional modules. Each module performs a specific task and can be understood, tested, and modified individually. The system consists of the following elements in conjunction with the RAM-5000 power frame:


  • Broadband, high power gated amplifiers for producing RF bursts, derived from the CW source, to drive various types of transducers, including piezoelectric, air coupled and electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs).
  • Timing module to produce the gates required to turn the amplifier on and off coherently with the CW source.
  • An accurate direct digital synthesizer (DDS) for high-resolution frequency control and the ability for rapid frequency sweeps.
  • A broadband receiver stage to amplify ultrasonic signals either from the transmitting transducer, using a diplexer, or from a separate receiving transducer.
  • The broadband receiver is typically followed by superheterodyne phase sensitive receiver stages to improve the detection of received signals in noisy environments.
  • A pair of integrators that are gated on and off to process the information from the phase sensitive receiver outputs for precise measurements of the phase and amplitude.

Please contact us for a proposal of a specific system adapted to your special measurement needs.



Within the RAM-5000 series the SNAP system has been developed specifically for research on non-linear acoustic phenomena. Some examples of important applications include: metal fatigue, micro cracking, bond strength of adhesives, metal embrittlement, and properties of coatings. The RITEC SNAP incorporates a number of unique circuits designed to facilitate the determination of these properties using a variety of techniques. A standard SNAP system consists of the following modules. However, specific adaptations to your special measurement needs are possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


   Module    Number Function
Gated Amplifier Unit 2 Each unit can be individually set to a specific frequency. The delay and the phase between the bursts can be set.
Timing Unit 1 Timing of the pulse burst and setting of the receiver gate.
Synthesizer Unit 3 For high resolution frequency control and the ability for rapid frequency sweeps.
Phase Detector 1 Phase sensitive superheterodyne receiver to improve the signal detection in noisy environments.
Integrator Unit 1 Gated integrators for precise measurement of phase and amplitude.