Multi2000 Pocket Multiplex Systems

Co-developed by M2M and EADS Innovation Works (8x32 version), Multi2000 Pocket is a highly portable, lightweight multiplex phased array system which is now available in a 8x32 (pulsers × channels) and a 16x64 configuration. The Multi2000 software is based on the CIVA software package for ultrasound propagation simulation developed by the French atomic energy research institute CEA. It performs calculation of the delay laws, controls the data acquisition, and displays in real-time the measurement results.Multi2000-Pocket 16x64


 Multi2000-Pocket Characteristics


Model 8x32

Model 16x64

Hardware configuration
  # of (pulsers × channels) 8 x 32 16 x 64
  Processors   FPGA on CPU board
Data acquisition
  Gates Hardware and software gates
  Synchronization Synchronization of gates available
  Trigger On event (threshold, echo, ...) or user-specific (time, encoder, ...)
  Waveform Acquisition of individual waveforms and/or summed data
  Display A-, B-, C-Scan
  Data format Parameters: XML; Data: binary
  Data flow   Up to 30 MB/s
Phased Array Control
  Focusing  Customized focusing, electronic scanning, sectorial scanning 
  Inspection modes  Pulse-echo and transmit-receive
  Pulse shape  Neg. rectangular pulse 
  Voltage 10 ... 80 V in 1 V steps
  Pulse width 30 ... 625 ns in steps of 2.5 ns
  Repetition rate

Up to 2 kHz on USB power;

Up to 10 kHz with external power
Up to 30 kHz with external power
  Bandwidth 0.8 ... 15 MHz
  Adjustable gain 0 ... 80 dB on each channel
  Analog DAC   50 dB (max. 40 dB/µs)
  Crosstalk btw. 2 channels > 50 dB gain
  Input signal

 Max. 0.8 Vp-p

  Hardware 8 bits, FIR filter 10 bits, FIR filter
  Sampling rate 6.6 ... 100 MHz
  Global delay 0 ... 1.6 ms in steps of 10 ns
  Delay laws 0 ... 20 µs in steps of 2.5 ns in transmission and reception 0 ... 300 µs in steps of 2.5 ns in transmission and reception
  Digitizing depth 4,000 samples Up 50,000 samples (max. 8,000 samples per elementary channel)
External connection
  Data interface  USB 2
  Ph/A probe connector  1 × FRB (Hypertronix)
  Lemo connector n/a  2
  TTL connectors
 1 input  1 input
  Encoder connector
4 channels 3 channels
  Power supply

From USB bus

or external power supply

From USB bus

or internal battery

or external power supply

20 × 11 × 6 cm

22 × 15 × 7 cm


 0.62 kg

 1.3 kg