Phased Array Ultrasonic Equipment

Insight provides ultrasonic flaw detection equipment developed and manufactured by M2M, a French company specialized in manufacturing and application of non-destructive testing tools based on ultrasonic phased array and eddy current technologies.

M2M is a spin-off from the French Atomic Energy Commissariat (CEA), one of the largest research institutes throughout Europe. M2M is granted an exclusive license for all CEA developments in the field of state-of-the art phased array ultrasound technology. In addition, all M2M phased array products use CEA’s CIVA simulation software package for creating delay laws and evaluating the acquired ultrasound signals. The combination of the CIVA software with M2M’s powerful hardware makes the supplied phased array measurement systems extremely flexible in use, equally suited for advanced R&D applications and for industrial flaw detection purposes.

Insight kk serves as M2M’s exclusive distributor in Japan. As experts in the field of ultrasound technology, Insight kk will assist you to choose the system adapted to your needs and provide support in application development, in close cooperation with CEA, M2M, and our French subsidiary Insight Europe in France.