FPC Laser Ultrasound Detector

Tecnar’s FPC is a fully integrated laser-ultrasonic detection unit based on a confocal Fabry-Perot interferometer for demodulation. The FPC provides all the elements to make non-contact detection of ultrasounds in both laboratory and industrial environments.


  • Fast and easy non-contact ultrasonic detection
  • Wide frequency coverage from 2 … 100 MHz
  • Operating distance can be very close up to several meters
  • FPC parameters can be computer programmed



Laser ultrasonics combines the precision of conventional ultrasonic inspection with the ease of use of optical techniques. It has already been demonstrated as a significant NDT tool in such divers area as rapid inspection of complex aircraft parts to wall thickness gauging of hot seamless mechanical tubing. Laser ultrasonics is easily applicable in harsh, noisy environment, even on samples under vacuum conditions.

Different probes can be interchanged easily, without re-alignment of the system, to adapt the instrument to each specific application. In addition, replacing the detection unit allows to adapt the system’s bandwidth to the measurement task.

FPC Characteristics

Demodulation Unit
   Principle Stabilized confocal Fabry-Perot interferometer
   Low-frequency cut-off 

> 1.5 MHz

   High-frequency cut-off

15 MHz standard

90 MHz optional

   Electronics Internal stabilization loop for optimum operation with output trigger to synchronize data acquisition, pulsed generation laser and pulsed detection laser


52 × 51 × 21 cm

Detection laser (not included)

   Type of laser

Frequency stabilized cw Nd:YAG laser

   Operation wavelength

1064 nm standard, 532 nm optional

   Output power

500 ... 2000 mW

Probe head

   Type of probe

Self-contained collection optics to receive light reflected or

back-scattered by target

   Working distance

5 cm standard, 0.1 ... 30 cm optional

   Spot size on target

≈ 2 mm diameter


FPC applications

  • Analysis of high frequency ultrasound
  • Internal structure analysis of materials, such as grain size measurement
  • Wall thickness measurement on hot and moving samples
  • Material analysis and defect inspection on aerospace parts