The IS-350 is the versatile workhorse in the InsightScan family of acoustic microscopes. Its large sample holder and scan area, high spatial resolution, fast acquisition speed and large bandwidth make it a powerful lab instrument for high resolution R&D applications and at the same time a perfectly suitable instrument for high volume quality control in production environment.


  Scan area   Size: 350 x 350 mm
  Resolution: 0.5 µm
  Focus axis   Stroke: 50 mm
  Resolution: 0.5 mm
  Data collection system   Fully digital
  Scan speed   Up to 1000 mm/sec
  Pulser/receiver bandw. 
  0.5 ... 500 MHz
  Drive system   X-axis: Linear servo motor   
  Y-axis: Stepper motor
  Z-axis: Stepper motor
  Number of axis   Up to 6
  Size (W x D x H)

  680 x 800 x 1320 mm




Powerful scan technology

  • High speed technology: 1000 mm/sec scan speed, 500 MHz receiver bandwidth, 3 GHz data sampling rate
  • Dual channel data acquisition for minimizing the acquisition time on one sample, or for simultaneous data acquisition on 2 different samples
  • Simultaneous pulse-echo and through transmission acquisition supported
  • Up to 6 axis control, including 2-fold transducer tilt for wedge and contour scans

Advanced software features

  • Real time full waveform acquisition: Collected data allow offline rescanning of the sample with different gate settings
  • Advanced analysis features: Generation of virtual B-scans and tomographic C-scans from stored data files
  • Slice scan for acquisition of a virtually unlimited number of C-scans on different depth levels simultaneously
  • Multi-lingual software in English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, …

 Wide application range

      Semiconductor and microelectronics

  • CSP and Flip Chip underfil void evaluation and delamination analysis
  • Power semiconductor integrity evaluation
  • Internal defect inspection: Inclusions, cracks, die tilt
  • Interface evaluation of bonded wafers

      Material analysis

  • Inclusion, crack and void detection in metals, plastics, resin

      Interface analysis

  • Void evaluation in welds and brazed interfaces
  • Electrostatic chuck void detection
  • Delamination of composite materials
  • Interface analysis on heterogeneous assembled materials